The New Tag!

It is a workday morning, like any other day, my alarm goes off and snooze it and snuggle back to bed. Suddenly I remember something, I jump out of bed and rush to get on with my chores. Half an hour later I’m in the shower humming, and hurry to my favorite place in the entire house – My Wardrobe. There are days when I dread and complain saying “I have nothing to wear”, but today is special. Reason – The New Tag. Yes, I have something new to wear and it gives me utmost happiness (more than chocolate ice-cream) when I have something new to wear. I think it’s more like an adrenaline rush that kicks at the sight of anything ‘new’. Believe me, it is always exciting when you have something new to put on. It might be as small as cute teardrop studs or a lovely lace sheath black dress. The New Tag is motivating.

Welcome friends, to my new blogging adventure!

Let me come clean, I am not a Fashionista, and I don’t think I have any fashion trends and tips for you. But I master the art of shopping. I can tell you the secrets to shopping – the How, Where, When, & What of shopping. Stay with me, and I will help you save some bucks and help you buy two dresses in place of one!